The Fitzgeralds

The Fitzgeralds

Rooted in Canada’s old-time fiddle tradition, the Bancroft-based fiddle and step dance ensemble combines a variety of musical styles in eclectic programming that delivers Celtic, bluegrass, western swing, French Canadian, pop, jazz and novelty items in its precisely choreographed and accurately presented step dancing routines.

Julie, Tom and Kerry, all champion fiddlers and award-winning step dancers, have extended their dance routines to include other dance variations, such as tap and Irish dancing, both as part of Everything Fitz and more recently as The Fitzgeralds.

The Fitzgeralds Performances:

Friday 8:40pm WDTN Trad Stage
Saturday 12:00pm United Irish Main Stage
Saturday 3:40pm WDTN Trad Stage
Sunday 5:00pm WDTN Trad Stage

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