Irish Wolfhounds in Legend and Lore


Come pet the Wolfhounds in the Culture area Saturday and Sunday

Talks will be given:
Saturday 1:00-1:50pm
Sunday 1:00-1:50pm

For millennia, these amazing dogs were found only in Ireland. They belonged to the elite – kings and chieftains. These dogs are important in many Irish legends. Magical wolfhounds with a human spirit? Yep. Come hear a few of the stories. Then we will examine the wolfhound’s history in Ireland from 33 A.D. until the 1920s, becoming a proud symbol of nationalism in a country longing to be free.

Presenter: Cú & Craic Irish Wolfhounds of Ohio

Come see the magnificent Irish wolfhound, the tallest breed in the world. For millennia, these dogs were found only in Ireland; they belonged only to kings and chieftains. Their nickname is the Gentle Giant because they are so sweet and mild. Please come and pet them; maybe you’ll get an Irish kiss. Our club’s name means “hounds and good times.”

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